Thursday, October 9, 2014

What is Not My Monkey?

What is
Not My Monkey is a unique management consulting company that helps nonprofit businesses – large and small – reach their potential by becoming dynamic, decisive and accomplished organizations.  By focusing on goal-oriented leadership, effective delegation, team empowerment, board development and bold impactful change, Notmymonkey will give you the tools to succeed.

Launched by Kate Woodward Young, M Ed. in 2003, Notmymonkey helps organizations reach their potential through assessment, technical assistance, training and coaching services. Built around the philosophy that individuals and whole companies often sabotage their own progress by taking on many things that work in direct opposition to their goals, mission and marketability, Notmymonkey teaches nonprofit's how to move forward and get rid of those “monkeys on your back”.

With over 20 years as a successful nonprofit executive and entrepreneur, Kate has taken her expertise, combined it the management theories presented in Oncken and Waas game-changing  “Whose Got the Monkey” to create a first-rate consulting company that understands business realities and the need for rapid, responsive and cost-effective solutions.
Our services, while ever expanding, include:
Board and staff retreats, marketing campaigns, focus groups, one-on-one coaching, etc..


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